Martin Shkreli Claims He Bought Lil Wayne’s Unreleased ‘Carter V’ Album

Martin Shkreli claims he paid big money for Lil Wayne’s unreleased ‘Carter V’ album and Plays Some Snippets As Proof.

“So much shit on my mind/I just hope I don’t smell like it/The motherfuckers that are famous/Are the same ones that have nails biting. Real n*ggas still real n*ggas/You new n*ggas just lame n*ggas/when your shit fire don’t be surprised/acting like…”

It appears Wayne raps these lyrics before Shkreli interrupts to proclaim, “And he’s talking about me.”

No more music is played for the next couple minutes, until the last ten seconds, as Shkreli gloats about Wayne’s lyrics that are supposedly about him, acquiring the album, and shares details on Tha Carter 5, saying it is, “A two CD tape, two CD tape, Weezy,” and also claims to have Dr. Dre’s Detox album on deck.

Shkreli also hoped back on Periscope shortly there after to preview another leaked song off the album saying, “That’s that Bieber feature. Justin Biebs,” and claiming that this was, “the best Weezy album ever.”

No word yet on the legitimacy of these claims from Shkreli.

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