Mysterious Track “IDK” Appears and is Then Deleted From Kanye West’s Apple Music Content

A random track titled “IDK” popped up on Kanye West’s Apple Music account, but has since been deleted.

The track “IDK” appeared on Yeezy’s Apple Music account, but it was unclear who the artist on the song is. It doesn’t sound like YE, though towards the end of the track, it does appear that his voice is on the record. It was since deleted and never appeared on any other platforms.

Is this meant for Yandhi? Was his account hacked? There’s really no telling at the moment, but who knows with Kanye these days. It’s hard to tell what makes a “Kanye” track real with the instability he’s shown in his music and actions of late.

He spoke about why he has yet to release Yandhi, which was supposed to drop in September: “I didn’t finish it. A person from my management staff, our management staff, had suggested because the album is so good, it’s my…I started incorporating sounds that you never heard before and pushing it, and having like, concepts that people don’t, you know, talk about.”

One source says it was NOT by Kanye, which is supported by its swift removal.

However, we still are curious about what new music might be coming next, as he’s clearly working.

Some versions are popping up on YouTube, but they are not all the same and are often removed quickly.

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