Mystikal Wanted for Rape in Shreveport, LA

Mystikal is being sought for rape, according to police.

An arrest warrant has been issued for rapper Mystikal by the Shreveport, Louisiana police department. Police have already arrested an alleged accomplice in Texas, a female named Averweone Holman. The whereabouts of Mystikal, real name Micheal Tyler, are still unknown. The incident allegedly took place in October 2016 during his Legends of Southern Hip-Hop Tour stop. Police also claim to have DNA evidence linking the rapper to the scene of the crime, along with witness testimony.

Another accomplice, Tenichia Wafford, has been charged with Accessory After the Fact to First Degree Rape for trying to get the victim to drop the charges.

Mystikal was sentenced to 6 years for sexual battery involving his hairstylist and was released in 2010.

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