NBA Youngboy Expecting 4th Child

At 18, he’s racking them up at Chief Keef speed.

NBA Youngboy’s popularity has exploded in the last year despite pending pending assault charges against him for beating his ex-girlfriend in a hotel lobby.

He’s just as popular with the ladies, and he’s confirmed his 4th child is on the way.

So who’s the baby mama? It is allegedly none other than his ex, Jania, the one he faces charges for assaulting. The two have a court order barring them from contact.

Even Maury got in on the news:

Interestingly, he had been spotted with a young woman following him whose face remained covered. A recent video revealed her to be a different “god-fearing” young lady, though many had speculated it was in fact Jania trying to hide an ongoing relationship with the rapper. Others claim it was Jania, and the video was only a distraction.

There is little information yet as to how far along Jania is, which could potentially point to a more recent relationship.

NBA Youngboy is planning a US tour soon that will continue through fall.

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