Nelly Performing to All Male Audience in Saudi Arabia

It’ll be really hot in there.

Nelly is set to perform to an all-male crowd in Saudi Arabia. Women are forbidden from buying tickets or attending the event, which is commonplace in Saudi Arabia’s culture. There was controversy over his performance there because of his previous drug and criminal history, which could have prevented him from entering the strict nation. However, he will be moving forward with the show.

With a highly conservative nation that often bans musicians from talking about sex, drugs, or other taboo topics, we aren’t totally sure what Nelly will actually be rapping or singing about. It can’t get so hot in there, and nobody is going to be shaking any tail feathers.

The country is attempting to reform itself and become more modernized, which may explain the inclusion of Nelly in its leisure activities. He will be just the second American entertainer to perform this year in the country.

People had mixed feelings about the event, but generally wish him luck with it while wondering how it will actually go:

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