New Footage of Lil B Getting Jumped at Rolling Loud Emerges

This was brutal to watch.

Lil B got jumped by a whole pack of guys backstage at Rolling Loud. According to Lil B, he made comment about A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s music, and he and his crew immediate took to beating the heck out of him. He says it’s all love, as he’s a peaceful guy, but this was brutal.

He wrote “Hey man, A Boogie and his whole crew just jumped me in the back, man and beat me up in the back, man,” he said. “That shit crazy, man. But I’mma tell y’all like this, it’s all love. I don’t promote violence, I’m never with the violence. So I love them and it’s all good, you feel me? It’s all good. I said something about Boogie’s music, and they all got mad and they jumped me about that so it’s all good. I’m still here. I got jumped by like 10 motherfuckers… Me by myself.”

PnB Rock was cut from the lineup, with many believing he may have also been involved. The festival gave no reason for his departure from the show, and he was replaced with Kreayshawn.

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