Nicki Minaj Admitted To Hooking Up With Meek Mill

NICKI MINAJ ADMITTED TO HOOKING WITH MEEK MILL ! Yes people there is proof. The “I lied” Rapper admitted in a text exchange with her Ex of twelve years, Safaree, SB stunts that she cheated on him with Meek Mill in the live room 9 months ago. Nicki and long time boyfriend have been going back in forth on social media airing their dity laundry. Apparently the couple has had problems for a while now. in Nicki’s latest album The Pink Print she reveals all of the drama and pain that she had endured in her relationship calling her ex ungrateful stating that he treated her like he was her rival.The rapper also admitted to taking drugs and fighting with him. We have all the details below check the gallery to see the actual text messages.


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