Nicki Minaj Lends Verse to Karol G’s “Tusa”

karol g nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj hopped on Karol G’s newest single “Tusa,” and the two got pretty in pink in the luxurious new video.

Karol G’s second album Ocean was released earlier this year, which hit N. 2 on Billboard’s Top Latin Charts. Meanwhile, Nicki recently featured on the track “Bad to You” with Ariana Grande and Normani off the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack. This, of course, is in spite of her retirement announcement.

Nicki’s tongue gets spicy as she flows in Spanish on the track. The two live it up in a girl’s paradise of luxury and pink in the video.

So for now, anyway, we’ve still got Nicki in the game until she officially decides to fall back.

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