Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen’ Album Has Finally Arrived! Stream it Now

It’s here, ladies and gentlemen. Nicki Minaj is back with “Queen.”

The highly anticipated new album “Queen” has finally dropped, and fans are going crazy. Nicki’s been teasing fans with the album for months.

The album displays Nicki’s old, playful style, stripping away much of what she’s transformed into in recent years. The album has features from Lil Wayne, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, and Future.

Fans are loving her track “Barbie Dreams,” where she snaps on several male rap counterparts. Of those, she goes in on Young Thug, saying “Used to fuck with Young Thug, I ain’t addressin’ this shit/ Caught him in my dressing room, stealin’ dresses and shit.”

Give it a listen below:

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