Offset Compares Abortion Laws to Slavery


Offset says new abortion laws are like slavery.

Alabama just passed new legislation that bans abortion even in cases of rape and incest. Not only does it ban abortion, but it also criminalizes it for doctors who perform it, making it a class A felony that could land those prosecuted in jail for up to 99 years.

The law immediately came under harsh criticism from the public and legal scholars alike.

Offset became vocal himself on social media, posting that he isn’t too proud of America right now.

His post sparked a flurry of other posts as anti-abortion supporters targeted him.

Other celebrities have been just as outspoken, making their outrage known. From Lady Gaga to Chelsea Handler to John Legend, the message is united in anger against the legislators that passed the bill.

Even Leslie Jones laid it out in a hilarious segment on Saturday Night Live:

The bill has clearly been used as a tool to force a Supreme Court challenge to Roe v. Wade. More states have continued to get on board across the souther U.S.

This won’t be the last we’ve heard of this, so stay tuned for updates.