Plies Arrested at the Airport With Gun

Plies is in trouble after taking a gun to the airport.

How does someone “forget” they have a gun in their bags as they head to the airport? You’d think people would be more aware of what they take with them on a plane. However, Plies apparently didn’t get the memo.

He was arrested at the Tampa International Airport after TSA agents found a Clock 43 and a loaded magazine in his carry-on. While Florida allows people to buy weapons or own them, people must have a permit to carry concealed weapons. Weapons are banned in airports.

He was arrested unlawful concealed carry, which is a felony. He is currently still locked up in Hillsborough County Jail.

He allegedly grabbed the wrong bag, and he did not intend to bring the gun to the airport. A source also says he is a lawful and registered gun owner.

Lil Duval took a shot at Plies following the news:

This isn’t the first time a rapper has gotten caught at the airport with a gun. Juelz Santana was dragged by the Internet after taking off on foot after a gun was found in his bag.

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