Plies Arrested on DUI Charge: Says FU to His Friends

Plies blames his friends for letting him get so drunk.

Rapper Plies was arrested for DUI in Florida yesterday, according to the Sheriff’s office. He was booked in Hillsborough County Jail and posted bail shortly afterward.

Just recently he had pledged to stop drinking in a post: “I’m going to go and share something with y’all. I ain’t drinking no motherf**kin’ mo’. I ain’t. I ain’t drinking no mother**ckin’ mo’. I’m getting too mother**ckin’ young for this shit here, man. I can’t.” He went on to say: “To all my mother**ckin’ friends who just sit there and just let me get this mother**ckin’ drunk,” he said. “Y’all ain’t shit. Ain’t none of y’all shit.”

Ain't Drankin No MTFing Mo…. #Plies #RacksUpToMyEar #PurpleHeart? #RichNiggaShit #RanOffOnDaPlugTwice #RitzCalrton?

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