Rico Jewels Drops New Latin Reggaeton Album “Qué Rico”

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Rico Jewels is making waves with his new album “Qué Rico.”

The Latin Reggaeton artist mixes the autotune rap vibe made popular by Future and Migos with his native language and Reggaeton beats. The genre has gone mainstream with artists like Beyoncé working with Latin artists like J Balvin. The hip-hop-inflected reggaeton genre has surged in global hits in recent years, and demand keeps rising. Latin artists are increasingly becoming influencers in the hip-hop world.

Try to stop yourself from feeling the beat when you listen to a good reggaeton hit. It’s impossible. Puerto Rico’s fresh, energetic, and endlessly addicting music has exploded into an international phenomenon. Its reach extends far beyond its beaches, pulling in fans from around the world. The rap fusion genre, blended with hip-hop and a bit of reggae, has its roots in San Juan. Now, its topping Latin, Rap, and Billboard music charts. Reggaeton is particularly popular in Latin America and among Latinos in the US.

So, its not a surprise that the best reggaeton artists in the world come Puerto Rico.

Now, another artist is set to take over. Rico Jewels, a Puerto Rican native, just dropped his debut album. Qué Rico features artists like Yulien Oviedo, Yarini, and Ksanova.

His video “Una Hora,” a single off the album, features Rico carousing with a sexy chica in a mansion as the two go from the pool to the bedroom. Flashing luxury, jewels, and tattoos, Rico brings a smooth vibe that’s a bop whether you speak the language or not.

The album has crazy potential, and Rico has already amassed a significant following from across the globe. His music, along with his Latin counterparts, are swiftly breaking open North American markets for the genre.

Download the album or stream it below:

The album “Qué Rico” is distributed globally by MusicDigi (www.MusicDigi.com) and is available on iTunes for convenient purchase and download.

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