Riff Raff Wants to Fight 50 Cent for $2 Million

It looks like celebrity boxing matches might be a big part of hip-hop in 2017. Chris Brown and Soulja boy are set to square off on January 28th, and Rico Recklezz and Snap Dogg look like they’re heading for a bout as well.

Now, Riff Raff has taken to Instagram to challenge 50 Cent to a $2 million boxing match, saying that there has to be a heavyweight matchup on the bill, presumably referencing the Chris Brown/Soulja Boy fight. “It’s 1989 all over again,” he said, “Tommy Gunn vs. Apollo Creed.”

“This ain’t no street fight either, I want $2 million,”

Riff Raff says in the clip, before going on to box against his trainer. A bit later he weighs himself on a scale, announcing that he weighs 215 pounds. He then says

50 probably ways 100 pounds less.

As you may already know, 50 Cent is currently busy promoting the match between C. Breezy and Soulja Boy.

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