Scarface Reunites for 35 Year Anniversary

The classic that has become a cultural phenomenon is 35 years old.

There is arguably no the movie that influenced today’s culture the way Scarface has.

Steven Bauer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Brian De Palma and Al Pacino attended the “Scarface” 35th Anniversary Cast Reunion Thursday night to celebrate the movie turning 35.

In the film, Al Pacino played the ruthless gangster Tony Montana, and Michelle Pfeiffer played his love interest.

The 1983 film about a Cuban immigrant, Tony Montana, who worked his way up to become the top drug boss in Miami, made waves in popular culture. It still holds a place of importance and is often referenced in music, film, and art.

Pacino, 77, discussed how he developed the idea after watching the 1932 film “Scarface.”

“Bombast was part of what we were trying to say with the movie,” Pacino said. “It was bigger than life.”

He knew that it was something special, saying, “I did have a feeling, I must say it’s true, because there are certain roles you feel that can challenge you … there was something about the preparation, there was something about the text and Brian.”

It’s 4/20. Lay back and enjoy a classic.

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