Soulja Boy Arrested for Probation Violation for Allegedly Having Weapons

Soulja Boy was arrested Friday morning in Los Angeles for a probation violation stemming from alleged weapons possession. Sheriffs were waiting for him when he arrived at his probation office in San Fernando Valley following the discovery of ammunition in his home last month. He’s been on probation for 8 years and is barred from owning weapons.

He ranted on his Instagram in a video to let fans know what was up.

“Jail tags and all that … no jury, no nothing,” he begins. “What the fuck you talkin’ bout? I’m out! The fuck you talkin’ bout? I’m out! I just got out of jail right now. The fuck you talkin bout? And I’m performing at the mothafuckin Clippers game so be there at the mothafuckin’ Clippers game … This shit ain’t gonna stop, bro.

“Y’all got me fucked up. I had the biggest comeback of 2019. They try to lock me up and hate on me. Y’all got me fucked up. No jewelry. No chain … I just got out jail right now. I was in the county. My partner pulled up on me … Big Drako. I’m out of jail! This shit ain’t gonna stop … I’m not going out like 6ix9ine. Bro, you got me fucked up! You got me fucked up [laughs].”

He’s since been released and says he will still be performing at the Clippers game tonight.

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