Starbucks Boycott Gains Celeb Support After Arrests of Black Men

Starbucks is feeling the heat, and it ain’t from the coffee.

Starbucks is facing a controversy after a store manager called police on two black men who were waiting to have a meeting with someone. Police came and escorted the two men out in handcuffs despite plenty of onlookers saying that they did nothing wrong at all. They simply failed to purchase coffee fast enough for the manager’s liking.

The backlash was quick and fierce, with many calling for the manager to be fired. White people sounded off about the FACT that this would NEVER happen to them, many of whom report sitting in Starbucks cafes across the country for hours without making purchases and never having problems.

The woman was outed on Twitter, and she quickly deleted all her social media. However, it wasn’t before her picture and name made rounds. We can pretty much expect her to be fired, as the company has some serious PR moves to make after this.

Now, celebs are chiming gin with a boycott of the company, including T.I. who is always down for supporting the cause.

I ain’t spending no more of my bread wit em… urge y’all not to either 🤷🏾‍♂️

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