Swae Lee Unapologetic About Cheating With Blac Chyna

Sorry not sorry.

Swae Lee isn’t bothered by the world knowing he cheated on his girlfriend with Blac Chyna. He commented on the scandal on Big Boy’s show this week, saying he’s young and that’s just the way it goes.

His girlfriend Marliesia Ortiz caught the rapper redhanded in his apartment with Blac Chyna, and she then went on a social media rampage dragging him and her. She even made fun of Chyna while dancing with a giant prosthetic butt saying perhaps this is what would make him want her.

“That was a big miscommunication. I’m not no lame, and of course girls wanna… you know? [fuck?] yeah,” Swae Lee said. “I’m young and gonna take part in it. Certain girls might be my focus, and I’m gonna filter through who’s real and groupie/ thottie life and Im gon’ filter through that. But the girl gotta understand my life for it even to work. ‘Damn, he this person cause society made him this person. So I gotta be understanding. It’s gonna come with all these extra things’,” he added.

Not sure what the “miscommunication” would be other than Marliesia thinking they were in a relationship and he did not. At least he took the whole thing in stride and didn’t get involved in the drama himself.

However, Blac Chyna took another hit as she was dragged for hooking up with yet another rapper. So we gotta ask…why is it ok for rappers to hook up with everything that moves but a problem for a woman like Blac Chyna to be doing her thing too?

Peep the comments around the 15:30 mark:

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