T.I. Drops Video With Look-Alike Melania Trump Giving Him a Lap Dance in Oval Office

This so close to reality because we imagine that Melania Trump is desperate for anything other than the Donald.

T.I. dropped a video featuring himself and first lady Melania Trump in the oval office. Melania’s look-a-like strips down to her birthday suit, then proceeds to get extra close to T.I. at the desk in the oval office. The woman in the video is a spitting image of the first lady. She even rocks the famous Zara coat that reads “I really don’t care, do you?” that she wore during the Puerto Rico hurricane fiasco.

Melania’s spokesperson has since called for a boycott of T.I. after the video dropped, but we aren’t expecting his fans to give to effs about it.

Check it out and see if T.I. took it too far or if he’s just exercising his freedom of artistry and expression.