Teen Killed After Trying to Steal Jordans Outside Ohio Mall

    imageSo sad that having a pair of shoes is wort this nonsense. Smh.

    New York Daily News reports that An Ohio shopper shot and killed a 16-year-old outside of a mall when the teen tried to steal his newly bought, limited-edition Nike Air Jordans.

    Jawaad Jabbar died Tuesday from a gunshot wound to his torso, police said.

    Miami Township police said two groups — three teens and two men — struggled on a sidewalk outside the Dayton Mall before the shooting. All five people went to the mall on a mission to buy the $200 Nikes, which quickly sold out.

    The three teens left empty-handed, but at least one of the men got a pair.

    In front of the mall, the youths spotted the men with the shoes and confronted them, police said. Jabbar pulled out a gun and demanded the men give them the sneakers.

    That’s when one of the men pulled out his own concealed weapon and shot the Middletown High School student.

    No one else was injured in the shooting. The man had a permit for the gun, police said.

    The two other unidentified teens were taken to juvenile detention while police probed the shooting. Neither of the two adult men has been identified.

    The man was not charged, but police are still investigating.

    The Nike shoes named for retired basketball superstar Michael Jordan are a hot commodity, prized by both athletes and collectors.

    The sneakers retail for $200, but fetch double that in online resales.

    Police in New Jersey and Louisiana reported armed robberies in recent months involving Air Jordans. A Springfield, Mass., man was sentenced to up to four years in prison for a shooting that wounded an 11-year-old girl waiting in line at an Air Jordan sale in 2013.

    News media outlets in the Toledo, Ohio, area reported last week that police used pepper spray to disperse crowds gathered for an Air Jordan shoe sale at Franklin Park Mall.

    The Dayton Mall, by contrast, organized sales at several stores to avoid those long, tense lines.

    Nike’s Jordan Brand said that it encourages people seeking its products to do so in a “safe and respectful” way.

    “Consumer safety is of paramount importance to us,” spokesman Brian Facchini. “We continue to work with our retail partners to share best practices and refine our launch process to improve the buying experience for our consumers.”

    We hope these kids get they isht together and cut this kind of stuff out. It’s shoes for damn sake, people!