The Weeknd is Firing Up Fans With New Single “Heartless”

the weeknd

The Weeknd is back to his toxic relationship ways in his new song “Heartless,” and the lyrics have fans turned up as they proclaim Abel is back.

He opened the new track by saying, “Never need a b*tch, a b*tch need me.” Obviously, this set the whole tone, and fans are here for Abel’s fiery new music. The track was produced by the artist alongside Metro Boomin and Illangelo.

Also teased in a new Mercedes Benz ad is an additional track titled “Blinding Lights.” You can also catch him in an upcoming film Uncut Gems starring the artist who plays himself alongside Adam Sandler, which will hit theaters soon.

This marks the first new music from the melody maker in a year since he released “My Dear Melancholy” last year. His last full album, Starboy, was dropped back in 2016.

There’s undoubtedly more coming, as he registered a new track titled “Like Selena” with ASCAP, and fans are sure it’s about his relationship with Selena Gomez.

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