This Crowd Was Not Feeling Ja Rule

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<p>Ja Rule tried to hype up the crowd, but they weren’t trying to hear all that.</p>

<p>Ja Rule has been trying to bounce back from the major L he took with the <a href=Fyre festival, but the Ls just keep coming for him.

The Milwaukee Bucks thought Ja Rule would be great fun for their 90s theme halftime show as they played against the Minnesota Timberwolves. But alas, it backfired.

Ja tried to hype up the crowd when he came out, but he seemed a little irked that he was classified as a “90s” artist. He told the crowd, “”THEY SAID THIS 90S NIGHT SO THEY BROUGHT OUT A 2000 ARTIST. BUT MY ALBUM CAME OUT IN ’99 SO I GUESS THAT COUNTS.” He then repeatedly asked the crowd if they were ready and held up the mic, to which he was greeted with dead silence each time.

Guess they all saw the Fyre festival documentaries and aren’t ready to forgive and forget.

We just know 50 Cent will have a field day with this.

Twitter had its own fun:

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