Toronto Rapper Smoke Dawg Murdered

<img src=“Screen-Shot-2018-07-02-at-3.16.56-PM.png” alt=“smoke dawg” title=“smoke dawg”>

Smoke Dawg was murdered in his home town of Toronto.

The rapper, who had worked with Drake, was shot and killed in Toronto.

The shooting occurred around 8 p.m. Saturday at the corner of Queen and Peter streets in downtown Toronto. Canadian police identified the two men who were killed as 21-year-old Jahvante Smart (aka Smoke Dawg) and 28-year-old Ernest Modekwe.

Drake voiced his sadness about the murder, posting a photo of the two performing together. He wrote “so much talent and so many stories we never get to see play out.”

All the violence needs to stop, as this is getting beyond absurd. Put down the guns and pick up something productive.

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