Trey Songs Arrested for Domestic Violence

Trey Songz is locked up.

After a woman accused the singer of domestic violence, Trey Songz, real name Tremaine Neverson, was arrested for domestic violence following the investigation. He turned himself to a Hollywood police station.

The alleged victim, Andrea Buera, 27, claimed Neverson attacked her and beat her in front of several members of his entourage.

She claims he hit her after becoming enraged that she was talking to another man. Neverson and Buera had had an ongoing but not committed relationship for several years, according to her.

“While I was on the ground, he continued punching me and he did not stop until his security pulled him off of me,” Buera said.

“People stood and watched, and some scurried away,” she said. “When I called an Uber, he threw my phones over a cliff.”

“I tried defending myself by hitting his hand off of my neck but when I got out of the choke hold, he then started punching me in the face,” she claimed. “I was able to get away from him and began circling a car in the garage screaming and crying while others just watched and spread out.”

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