Twitter Reacts to Kehlani & YG Getting Coupled Up

kehlani yg

Kehlani and YG have gone Instagram official, and whew, chile did it bring out the haters! However, their relationship also received tons of support from fans and friends.

While some were surprised by the pairing of these two talented artists, they seem to be a great fit. Compton rapper YG and songstress Kehlani finally let people in on their secret this weekend after hitting the red carpet together at NYFW. The headed hand-in-hand into the Kith show as paparazzi snapped on.

Kehlani even gave an “mmhmm” when one pap asked if it was now official. On a side note, fans were quick to point out how Kehlani says the pair have been “talking” for years, giving new meaning to his line from fa few years ago, “I’m a Pisces, she’s a Taurus.”

Well, people were pretty caught off guard by this pairing, and many weren’t afraid to say it.

Others told the haters to fall back, supporting the couple for being happy.

Regardless of how anyone feels about this relationship, number 1 – it ain’t yours, and number 2 – we will surely get some fire music from this one way or another.

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