Vivica A. Fox Writes About Sex With 50 Cent, and Naturally 50 Reacts

What year is it?

50 Cent must really have put it on Vivica A. Fox when the two were an item over a decade ago, because she is still going on about their relationship. She wrote about her sex life with 50 Cent in her book, “Every Day, I’m Hustling.” She claims in the book that “Most of the time, I would be the one initiating sex, because I really enjoyed making love with him,” also claiming the sex was not all that hot – but “cherished and special.”

She goes on to claim that 50 was planning on proposing to her and had a whole proposal planned out to surprise her. However, he called it off when he felt she was trying to hog the spotlight and come up with his name.

Of course, Fif was not one to keep his mouth shut. He definitely stayed true to himself and commented on the news:

He then followed up with a video asking what the helming wrong with a chick that after 14 years is still tripping about her sex life with an ex:

🤔you ladies gotta stop being crazy because y’all feel like it. 🤕#power

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