Woman Steals $30k Watch From DMX, Accuses Him of Sexual Assault

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A woman made off with DMX’s $30,000 watch, and when nabbed by police, she claimed the rapper had sexually assaulted her.

Police were called to the hotel of DMX, real name Earl Simmons, after he and some other noticed the woman, along with the watch, had disappeared as they all partied in his hotel room. When police arrived, she and DMX were arguing outside the Ayres Hotel in Costa Mesa, California.

She was found with the watch in her possession and was arrested for grand theft, at which point she accused Simmons of sexual assault. DMX was not arrested, and others in the hotel room are saying the accusation is complete BS because they were all there together and nothing happened to her.

Haven’t people learned to stop bringing strangers back to their hotel from bars?

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