YG Responds After Being Accused of Cheating on Kehlani

Looks like five years in the making wasn’t enough to keep YG from cheating on Kehlani. YG says he got drunk and ‘carried away’ after cameras caught him canoodling with a mystery woman.

The rapper’s team responded to video that surfaced of YG making out with a woman who was NOT Kehlani outside of Poppy Nightclub in LA this week. In the video, YG can be seen talking to a woman who is near his car, and he then opens the door so she can sit on his lap and play kissy face with him.

He tweeted right after the video surfaced that he loved Kehlani and would never cheat on her. He denied the kiss, instead saying they only took a picture. However, in the video, she definitely leans in for a kiss until she becomes obscured by the car.

In a statement about the video, his team says he got drunk and carried away but has no romantic connection with the woman in the video. So basically, he’s just an ass.

In a world where everything ends up on video, you’d think rappers (especially OGs like YG) would be more cautious if they cared about protecting their relationship. Yet, here we are.

Kehlani and YG went public with their relationship in September of this year. The unlikely couple caught many off guard, especially after Kehlani posted on social media that the relationship was “5 years in the making.” Regardless of how they got together, YG better get it right before this is over much faster than it began.

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