Young Dolph Regrets Signing Record Deal

Young Dolph is voicing his frustrations over his record deal, which he says is preventing him from releasing any new music.

When Dolph announced his partnership deal with Empire, it was rumored to be worth a whopping 8 figures. Before inking the deal, he had promoted himself as a highly successful independent artist.

Now, he’s regretting it and is voicing his anger over being blocked from releasing new music. He wrote “They want let me drop any new music. I KNEW I SHOULDVE NEVER SIGNED THIS FUKIN DEAL.”

Young Dolph also came clean about his track record as an independent artist. He tweeted that he hadn’t actually been independent and had just been flexing.

He explained that he had deals going back to 2015: “so now that it’s out that I’m not some big independent supastar, and I’ve signed 4 deals like everyone else. I wonder if all the rappers gonna stop hatin now. Sorry for shittin on u guys knowing dam well i got a Major deal.”

He also said, “I have a confession. I signed 2 deals in 2018 and signed a deal in 2015……….”

Dolph also threatened to leak new music since he was being prevented from doing so by the label.

This story is a lesson that being independent can still be a challenge without the massive label machine behind an artist, so even successful independent artists may be drawn to signing deals. However, these deals can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a benefit. Artists can lose the control they have over their career in order to gain more powerful tools like advertising and promotion offered by big labels.

Artists like Chris Brown and 21 Savage have managed to negotiate deals to still allow for greater control over their careers and music.

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